Whitelisted Presale PACK Drop (Signature Card Holders Only) Tuesday 10th 11.00 PM UTC (GMT)

Tuesday 10th 7.00 PM EDT, Tuesday 10th 4.00 PM PDT, Tuesday 10th 6.00 PM CDT, Wednesday 11th 9.00 AM AEST, Wednesday 11th 1.00 AM CEST, Wednesday 11th 12.00 AM IST, Wednesday 11th 2.00 AM MSK

Public PACK Drop Wednesday 11th 11.00 PM UTC (GMT)

Wednesday 11th 7.00 PM EDT, Wednesday 11th 4.00 PM PDT, Wednesday 11th 6.00 PM CDT, Thursday 12th 9.00 AM AEST, Thursday 12th 1.00 AM CEST, Thursday 12th 12.00 AM IST, Thursday 12th 2.00 AM MSK

Weapons Crates Drop + Crate opening + Load Weapons Blends Active Thursday 12th 11.00 PM UTC (GMT)

Thursday 12th 7.00 PM EDT, Thursday 12th 4.00 PM PDT, Thursday 12th 6.00 PM CDT, Friday 13th 9.00 AM AEST, Friday 13th 1.00 AM CEST, Friday 13th 12.00 AM IST, Friday 13th 2.00 AM MSK

BREAKOUT (Pack opening and zombie killing blends active) Saturday 14th 3am UTC (GMT)

Friday 13th 11.00 PM EDT, Friday 13th 8.00 PM PDT, Friday 13th 10.00 PM CDT, Saturday 14th 1.00 PM AEST, Saturday 14th 5.00 AM CEST, Saturday 14th 4.00 AM IST, Saturday 14th 6.00 AM MSK

How to hunt Zombie Corn Chips

Step 1. Own a signature card by blending 6 Series 1 duplicates.

Click here to blend duplicates at NeftyBlocks

Step 2. Buy Zombie Corn Chip Packs on the 10th of August 2021. There will be a total of 825 packs of 5 pre-minted cards on sale during the Nefty Drop available to collectors that hold signature cards.*

*Whitelisted collectors will have 24 hours exclusive access before sale goes public unless sold out.

Step 3. Release the Zombies by unpacking your Zombie Corn Chip Cards on Friday the 13th of August 2021.

Step 4. Grab weapons packs and blend a shotgun card with 2 shotgun shell cards to load your weapon. Signature card holders will be airdropped their first weapons crate for free.

Step 5. Blend your loaded weapon with 3 Zombie Card Duplicates to shoot the zombie. You will receive a KILL CARD with a unique animated video of your kill as a NFT. Hint: Some zombies will be harder to kill than others. Keep your eye out for special weapons in random crates. You'll need them.

Step 7. Report your kills on our Twitter and Telegram and watch as you climb the leaderboards!

WTF is this?

The laws of a blockchain universe states that once an NFT has been burnt off the blockchain, it can never return. The Damn Tasty Corn Chips have broken this rule.

4125 Corn Chips have been killed off the Wax blockchain for 'better' more valuable and tastier versions. This Corn Chip cruelty is not without consequence.

They're back from the dead and are out for revenge!

Its now up to all you chipto big-brains to put these undead tokens back where they belong: burning in blockchain Hell!

Join our telegram for more information on release dates and further updates. https://t.me/cornchipsdcs

FINALISED Zombie Count

This is the number of cards burned from Series 1 bringing the exact number of matching zombie chips back into existence.

4,125 Cards burned Count updated: 17th July 2021



















Zombie Corn Chip Road Map

1. Stop counting burned series 1 cards 16th July 2021.Completed

2. Build scoreboard, launch it on cornchips.io and inform SIGNATURE CARD HOLDERS they are eligible to play 8th August 2021 Completed

3. Drop packs of zombies 10th August 2021

4. Drop Weapons Packs 12th August 2021

5. Release the zombies packs (open packs on neftyblocks) 13th August 2021

6. Load shotguns and kill zombies (blend mechanisms to earn kill cards and kill animations) 13th August 2021
In the case of all 825 packs are sold,
$1000 will be donated to The Brain Foundation.

The Brain Foundation is the largest, independent funder of brain and spinal injury research in Australia. Go to https://brainfoundation.org.au/ for more details.


Points Key
Signature Card Holders
Zombie Card Holders