Where do The Damn Tasty Corn Chips Come From?

Well, when 2 consenting Damn Tasty Corn Chips love each other very much, or had too much to drink...

Yeah, the real story isn't that sexy.

Sometime in early 2020, graphic artist Matt D Hill came up with a silly little plan to make people smile. A series of corn chip artworks that would be designed, printed, framed and hung on walls of Mexican restaurants and hipster cafes that sell overpriced coffee in Matt's home city of Sydney. He designed a few Corn Chip characters and then, nothing. He shelved the idea as his full time job, his side business dayum! Creative Studio and his family including the arrival of his 3rd child in June took priority over the art project.

While browsing the Australian stock market in February 2021 looking for something to invest what small savings Matt had in his account, (we're talking $200 here) a company called Redbubble.com caught his eye. It was a place to upload original artworks and sell them 'print on demand' on tee shirts and a bunch of other products. "How exciting! I can sell my art on shirts and not have to have an initial investment to risk!" Matt sold only one product, a James Cornfield Tee shirt. But that was ok! Without going to extremes trying to market his products there, someone still noticed and liked that design enough to purchase it. Thank you whoever you are!

On the 8th of March 2021, Matt received a message from a friend named Steffen about this 'new thing' called NFTs. "A place where you can sell your designs." Matt said he'd look into it. He Didn't. But when Steffen came to visit from interstate, he mentioned it again sparking some interest in this foreign concept. Matt began his research on NFTs in late March but couldn't grasp what they were. It didn't make any sense at all to him so he fired up a flair on his Facebook.

The post had a few responses that pointed him in the direction of YouTube videos Matt already had watched. And then one guy, a friendly competitor in the iRacing livery design circles told Matt to get in contact with him. This guy is known as DedHed, an NFT trading card artist who specialises in rad low-brow art. Please check out his awesome work at www.deadhed.com.au

DedHed explained NFTs in a way an idiot could understand and asked him, "What have you got?" Matt showed DedHed his Corn Chips. "Dude, you gotta put them on Wax as Trading Cards."

Matt began to ask thousands of questions, learning every aspect possible to start his Corn Chip project on a digital platform that still didn't make sense to him. DedHed kept helping by supporting Matt's project and introducing him to his community of NFT collectors. Two collaborations were made between DedHed and Matt producing interest into this corn chip idea. It also produced some funds to get the project rolling at high speed.

During 5 weeks of hardcore study, question asking and listening to NFT podcasts on the drive to work, specifically The Nifty Show, Matt designed his series of a total 18 cards with 4 variations, built a website, opened up all the social media accounts necessary, minted his cards and packs.

On May 8th, after they were featured on Ep 54 of The Nifty Show, Matt released The Damn Tasty Corn Chips Series 1 cards to the public generating a whopping 30,000 Wax over the course of 2 days. The launch far exceeded Matt's expectations of success all thanks to the fantastic community involved in NFTs on the Wax blockchain by sharing this small indie project around catching the attention of media outlets throughout the industry who also recommended The Damn Tasty Corn Chips to their followers.

Thank you everyone who helped make this launch a great success.
Matt D Hill.